Stonebrae Elementary School, located just outside of the community gates, provides K-6 education. From state-of-the-art classrooms to premium sports facilities, the school presents an unmatched learning environment, offering students the essential tools for a brighter future. In addition to an indoor multi-purpose gymnasium, the school has expansive soccer and softball fields, outdoor playgrounds and gardens to promote outdoor learning in sciences and the humanities. What’s more, Stonebrae Elementary students are encouraged to participate in a dual-immersion program in which children learn in English as well as Mandarin, further preparing students for the world to come.

Embracing the modern age with an emphasis on technology, each classroom includes wireless internet access, and Stonebrae has a staffed high-tech library/media center equipped with wireless laptops that can be checked out for classroom use. All families who live in Stonebrae are guaranteed the opportunity for their children to enroll at the school.

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