Butcher Shop

Meat and fish cut to order! Our choice butcher shop provides the finest daily presentation of fresh, high-quality meats and fish for your selection. Each purchase is cut to order to suit the needs of every individual household.

Butcher Shop Menu *Prices subject to change based on current market rates*

Double R Ranch Ribeye $17.95 per pound

Double R Ranch New York $18.95 per pound

Double R Ranch Ground Beef 80/20  $7.95 per pound

Mary’s Chicken Breast  $6.95 per pound

Superior Farms Lamb Rack  $19.95 per pound

Pork Chop $12.95 per pound

Local Troll King Salmon $14.95 per pound

Petrale Sole  $13.95 per pound

Dairy Station Half Gallon of Milk: $4.25

Chef’s Daily Selection of Sliced Cheese

Cheddar……..$6.45 per pound

Swiss………..$6.75 per pound

American……$3.25 per pound

Provolone……$5.75 per pound

Eggs: $3.75 per dozen