Check Out Our New Look!

March 20, 2015

The Stonebrae website has a refreshing new look. Now built to include a responsive layout, you can visit the website on your tablet or mobile device! Explore the site with easy-to-navigate and convenient features and get a new perspective on refined luxury and leisure at Stonebrae.

The first thing you’ll notice about the website is that it is image-driven. Content, design and organization have all been enhanced and refined. The rich colors and luxury hallmarks of Stonebrae’s character are now a vivid part of how the site looks and functions. There’s more personality, more class and functions are simple to find and use – served right to you.

Beyond the attractive, modernized design, the new Stonebrae website is built with a responsive layout. This is great for tablet and mobile devices. Features slide into place depending on the media you’re using to view and interact with them. This means more efficient navigation. You find information faster, as it’s delivered to you by the site.

For those seeking information on the new homes at Stonebrae, you now have a knowledge base that’s easy to sift through. The features and amenities of houses are organized better – presented in a uniform, succinct way that delivers the facts you’re looking for and eases your decision making.

We’re so excited about the new and improved Stonebrae website and are proud to share it with you. Check it out!

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