Fitness and Well-being at TPC Stonebrae Country Club

February 20, 2015

Stonebrae is proud to offer top-caliber classes and services to the community. We extend many of those services on the individual level, too. We’d like to introduce the Stonebrae experts, personal trainers and group trainers of 2015.

If you’ve yet to try aroma touch therapy, you have to indulge. Our Stonebrae aroma touch expert is on site Thursdays and offers facials as well. The aroma touch technique is an application of 8 different essential oils that are applied to the spine to restore homeostasis, the natural balance of body system and health, which is disturbed by daily life factors in our internal and external environment. It can reduce stress, boost vigor or perfect your day. This makes Thursday the ideal day for it – to ease the end of your week or energize you for your weekend. Reserve your time today and save 50% with your first use discount.

You can set your own time to take charge of your fitness, too. Exercise experts are onsite to guide you to greater health. Michelle Garcia, ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist, and Theresa Lotz, ISSA Personal Trainer, are available for personal and group training. Personal training is $38-50 per hour and group training is $20-30 per hour. E-mail Michelle Garcia to set up a 30-min complimentary fitness evaluation if you are interested in starting a program.

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