2015 Stonebrae Junior Golf Programs

February 28, 2015

Stonebrae is a true community, proud to offer services to every member. It’s in this spirit that we begin the 2015 Stonebrae Junior Golf Programs, extending the joy and excitement of golf to the children of our home.

From those starting off to young adults honing their game, from expert prodigies to teens first picking up a club, the Stonebrae Junior Golf Programs have training for all. This 3-level junior program assists junior golfers as they and their game grow and mature.

Level 1 – Young Juniors and Beginners – is what we call SNAG Golf: “Starting New At Golf.” It’s a wonderful golf-learning program for juniors who never played golf before. Using word keys and cool targets to lend fun to the program, SNAG introduces beginners to golf with an exciting and energetic format. Here, juniors learn the fundamentals of golf in a unique and playful atmosphere.

There’s no fee – SNAG is free – and is held every Sunday at noon. Sign up at the Golf shop or just show up for some fun!

Level 2 – Intermediate – is typically for ages 13 and under. The format remains fun and educational, though skills are for those who progressed beyond SNAG Golf. 9-hole matches throughout the spring and summer teach juniors golf skills and proper etiquette.

There is a $10 instruction fee for the Intermediate Junior Golf Clinics, 12-1PM every Saturday at the Golf Shop.

Level 3 – Advanced – is for juniors or dependents, 21 and under, who are at an advanced level. They may participate in the Stonebrae Junior Team, Bay Cities League, a competitive league consisting of 30 bay area private clubs. 18-hole matches are held throughout the summer at some of the bay area’s best private clubs and with some of the best junior golfers. Also, every week features team play days, building camaraderie and bringing juniors together. Intensive clinics are provided by the professional staff before every advanced junior play day.

For those interested, contact the golf shop staff with any inquiries. Above all, have fun. We are proud to have you and your family in the Stonebrae community: 510.728.7878.

For more information about Stonebrae, visit www.Stonebrae.com or, to keep up to date with our special events and happenings, LIKE Stonebrae on Facebook.