Stonebrae Classic 2014 Recap

August 8, 2014

The highly anticipated Stonebrae Classic 2014 did not disappoint! Stanford NCAA champions, a score of 60 in the opening round, and a crowded winner’s circle all made for an exhilarating tournament. Tony Finau rose to victory atop the East Bay Hills, as consistency carried the day on the path to the PGA.

The spotlight at 2014 Stonebrae Classic fell on a group of players who came from the middle of the list to match excellent performances. The result was a lot of ties near the top.

Fabian Gomez took the lead first, with a record-setting debut. A solid competitor with a reputation for being a surprise winner, Gomez shot a course-record 60 with an unbroken chain of birdies. Our Stonebrae Classic 2014 recap features video of Fabian Gomez shooting a 60 at Stonebrae.

Gomez held the clear lead after his 60, but his opponents closed the gap. As Gomez’s play slipped in the middle rounds, Tony Finau reached the top. Finau had Stonebrae’s links mastered by the fourth round. Even when Gomez tied him at 18-under at the end of the fourth round, the top position remained well in hand with Finau.

The final round saw lead changes determined by streaks of birdies. Gomez started with a string of 2-under that put him in sole possession of the lead by the seventh hole. He enjoyed that summit for only three holes more, when a bogey at the tenth hole sent Gomez behind a crowd of competitors. He finished second in the tournament, having shot a 68 in the final round, tied with Zack Sucher (66) and Daniel Berger (68).

Finau held to his margin of superiority and finished 4-under in the final round, for a total 22-under-par score of 258 over the course of Stonebrae Classic. We were honored to host such excellent play and look forward to seeing these experts advance to the PGA Tour!

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