Our Journey to Finding the Perfect Home

February 27, 2014

Our journey starts with a townhouse in Santa Clara and ends with a beautiful home in Stonebrae.

Perhaps everyone who house hunts in the Bay Area knows that it is hard. We looked for homes mostly in the east side of the bay for about six months without much luck.

This house hunting continued until one day we paid a visit to Stonebrae. At first glance the environment, views and luxury were way better than what we expected. It looked like walking to heaven by passing the gate. We checked on a model home in one of the new villages and wow! Breathtaking views, elegance and craftsmanship were beyond expectations. Luckily we found Randal Mendoza to find something to fit our needs in Stonebrae, and that was when the miracle happened. Randal Mendoza and Mark Rowson found us exactly what we wanted; the plan, the view and price all matched our needs with the highest degree of satisfaction.

They helped us through each and every step of the process, and their help and support is ongoing.

We believe that buying a property in Stonebrae was our best investment and, without Mark and Randal’s help, professionalism and smart guidance, we would not be able to live in Stonebrae now.

Every day we are looking at one masterpiece of Mother Nature with all different colors and beauty, no matter if it is sunny, cloudy or foggy, no matter if it is summer or winter, no matter if eagles are flying over or deer are passing by. It’s just so beautiful! Stonebrae is a piece of heaven.

Houman and Narges

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