Déjà Vu: Incredible Day at TPC Stonebrae!

January 17, 2014

On December 15, 2013, Stonebrae members Murray Kennedy and his wife Kim were heading to our golf course, as they do most weekends. Kim grabbed her Santa hat, which was standard attire at this time of year. As they prepared to tee off, the bag attendant noted Kim’s hat and mentioned that she wore it the previous year when Murray had gotten a hole-in-one. Kim acknowledged that indeed it was her lucky hat, and that magic could be in the air again today.

Kim and Murray then proceeded to tee off. Without much thought they arrived at the third hole, a 176-yard par 3. Murray struck a 7-iron and the ball tracked toward the pin. The hole was not visible from the tee, so Kim and Murray simply shrugged saying, “Maybe.” As they arrived at the green, only Kim’s ball was visible. Murray walked directly to the hole…lo and behold, he carded his second hole-in-one at TPC Stonebrae and his career third!

What makes this so remarkable? After achieving the hole-in-one that day Murray and Kim figured out that is was exactly one year earlier on December 15, 2012, that Murray had made his first hole-in-one on the course. It was on the same hole with the same pin placement, within the same hour of the same day, one year later.

Murray is feeling a lot of pressure for next year. Will lightning strike a third time?

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