October 4, 2013

It’s that time of the year when the greens and fairways at TPC Stonebrae receive a little TLC from the stress endured throughout the seasons. As winter approaches, we are preparing the turf for aerification, a process done twice a year in the spring and fall. Aerification eliminates the accumulation of organic material caused by the elements and play on the course. It allows the roots to breathe and renew themselves for a healthier and more picturesque appearance.

Here are the aerification steps we take to make sure your golf experience at Stonebrae is a memorable one.

Step 1: Once the holes and plugs are formed, the aerifiers continue to aerate the greens and fairways and clean the plugs.

Step 2: The greens and fairways are then cleared of remaining plugs.

Step 3: Residual debris is blown off of the surface using a blower. Hand watering the turf is required in order to prevent stress from slowing the recovery growth process.

Step 4: The holes are then filled with sand and gypsum.

Step 5: Amendments (EarthWorks 5-4-5, Potassium Sulfate and Cal-CM-Plus) are applied and then watered to help them break down and absorb into the grass.

The aerification process is expected to be complete on October 23.

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