A Letter from a Stonebrae Member

December 10, 2012

People become Members at Stonebrae for a variety of reasons. Some Memberships fit perfectly with certain lifestyles and some are better for others. Whatever the reason, there’s no one better to tell you why than the Members themselves.

Learning what it is exactly that gives Members a desire to join TPC Stonebrae is very important to us. Sometimes it’s the food, the golf course or even the fact that the individual lives at Stonebrae. But, for Member Rufus Coleman, it was more than that. And we were delighted to receive his letter explaining why he recently decided to upgrade his social membership to a full golf membership. Take a look…

Approximately one year ago, I upgraded my social membership here at Stonebrae to a full golf membership.

With all the obvious reasons to join TPC Stonebrae — the proximity to my home, the beautiful architecture, and the meticulous grounds — the one shining reason was largely inconspicuous. It was the people. It was the immersion into a lifestyle void of the preconceived notions traditionally ascribed to country clubs. It was the embrace of the membership; making friends here is inevitable due to the openness and common interest that everyone shares. The staff knows every pain and pleasure the course can bring and are always ready with a word of encouragement or a lighthearted ribbing. I could go on and on about the good of the club, but I am headed up for a round now.

Listen, we all know that pictures of the ocean are no match compared to immersing yourself in it. The same goes for a TPC Stonebrae membership. Immerse yourself; you’ll never see it the same again.

Rufus Coleman
Stonebrae Member

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