4 Reasons to Attend Texas Night at Stonebrae!

May 24, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012, saddle up for a boot-scootin’ good time as we transform the Dormy House into a Texas-style ranch!

Here are four reasons you should RSVP to Texas Night at the Dormy House:

  1. Food! Texas-style food makes your taste buds sing – especially since the local delicacies are seasoned to perfection!
  2. Friendly company. Stonebrae is lucky to have some of the best residents around. And, like Texas, these folks are some of the friendliest too. If you attend Texas Night at the Dormy House, we’re sure you’ll meet a new neighbor, friend or two!
  3. Fun. How often do you get out and about to attend a Texas-themed event in California? Our guess is probably not that often. This is your chance to dress up (or down) and take a mini-respite from your usual Friday night in California.
  4. Something different. Up until this Friday, the Dormy House has been serving a ton of different types of cuisine. Some of these menus have become popular and are served again. But this is one list of menu items you haven’t tried before and everyone knows that whatever Chef Ryan creates in the kitchen has to be both different and outstanding!
  5. It’s Stonebrae’s first Friday Night Shootout of the year.

Reservations to this event are strongly encouraged! To reserve your spot, click here.

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