Celebrate the Holidays at Home

December 22, 2011

Some people love the idea of spending the holidays in a place that evokes the winter spirit – icicles, cold weather, snowmen, the smell of fresh-cut trees and holiday lights.

Others prefer spending their holiday time in the comfort of their own homes, close to friends and family and cozy from the outside climates. While you may not be able to ski the slopes or throw snowballs in the front yard, should you choose to stay home this holiday, there are many things you can do inside that the whole family will enjoy.

5 ways to celebrate the holidays at home:

  1. Watch a holiday movie. You can rent a movie, go to the theater or even host a holiday movie party. View a classic or something you’ve never seen. Either way, seeing a family holiday movie together is always a great way to get in the spirit.
  2. Bake some holiday treats or even an entire meal for the family. Take the time to set a formal dining table and serve your loved one a full four course meal.
  3. Make a gingerbread house. This is a great way to get family members to contribute to something everyone enjoys! Here’s a tasty and easy recipe with directions to get you started.
  4. Host a holiday sports party. Christmas Day will be full of sports programs for the whole family. With teams returning Christmas Day from the NBA lockout, you can spend the entire day relaxing with friends and family watching the big game.
  5. Start drafting your list of New Year’s resolutions. Take some time to focus in on what you really want to accomplish in 2012 and write it down. Then, once you’ve compiled your list, make a few bullet points mapping out how you will accomplish each goal.

We’d like to thank all our readers for your continued support and our residents for making the Stonebrae community such a special place. Happy holidays from the entire Stonebrae team!

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