5 Ways to Give Thanks

November 22, 2011

For most, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the many things we are thankful for and to share these things with our family and loved ones. The past couple of years, we’ve seen the ups and downs of our economy, the stock market, etc. but no matter how bad things seem, there’s always someone else who can use an extra hand – especially during the holiday season.

So, this year, consider taking some time to give thanks for everything that is good in your own life – and give to others who may not share in the same luxuries as you.

Here are five ways to give back and give thanks this Thanksgiving:

1. Donate your time to a local food bank to ensure that people in your own neighborhood have enough to eat on Thanksgiving Day.

2. Pick up a few extra things while doing your own turkey shopping to put together and donate a Thanksgiving basket to a local nonprofit.

3. Send a phone card or care package to a U.S. soldier stationed overseas who doesn’t have the opportunity to come home and spend Thanksgiving with his or her family.

4. Deliver Thanksgiving meals to housebound people, like the sick, shut-in and the elderly.

5. Call a local hospital and ask about visiting any patients who’d like company for the holiday but don’t have family nearby to visit them.

Stonebrae would like to wish all of our residents and readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

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